Friday, 19 August 2016

"A Camera..."

A Camera...
can make you an Artist
can make you a Photographer
can make you a better Human Being
can also make you a Monkey

A Camera...
can make you Popular
can make you Poor
can make you a Star
can take you Far

A Camera...
can capture a Moment
can freeze Time
can make a Difference
can bring a Change

A Camera does nothing.
It is just an instrument.
You (the Photographer) do everything.
Be proud to be a Photographer!

P.S. - Happy World Photography Day! 

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RON) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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Monday, 15 August 2016

"How I Discovered The Writer In Me..." - Ronak Sawant

Life is indeed a great discovery and learning in itself. Every day it keeps revealing myself to me with something or the other. As I strongly believe that there’s a lot more in me than I can imagine, I never ever actually thought that there’s this deep writer inside me that exists who loves to play with words. So this is a blog, a real story of how I discovered the Writer in me!

I was not a kid who was born with an amazing writing talent and also I never ever made or maintained any kind of diary/journal in my life that most of the writing lovers do maintain before publishing their writing work professionally. But yes, I was good at writing skills during my school days. Writing skills such as essay writing, story writing, letter writing, etc., I used to do very well in these.

I still remember a day from my school when in my 9th grade a teacher after reading my essay congratulated me in front of the whole class and decided to make me the monitor of the class right away. The essay that she gave in homework a day before; I don’t know what she found in it. But that was the time when someone recognised my writing skills for the first time. Luckily in my case, it happened to be our English Teacher “Mrs Menon”, who was actually our class teacher.

At that time I was not that matured and focused about life. I was just a kid who used to love dancing, playing with my friends and have fun. All in, I was just a carefree child. So the kind words of a teacher I took them as a compliment and I didn’t think more about it whether to start writing more such essays and develop/improve my writing skills. Then somewhere between preparing for my 10th std board exams, the writing skills in me slowly started vanishing away as I had to focus on other subjects too.

The life went by and kept playing its part. I passed my 10th std with flying marks. I entered college and got the admission in exactly the college which I dreamed of - Nationals College, Bandra. I took Commerce in junior college years and passed my 12th std with decent marks. Those two years spent studying Commerce were nothing but a big struggle. Accounts and Maths didn’t interest me at all and also the other subjects too. The only subject I found interesting in a syllabus was English and there was this Poem called “Don’t Quit” in 12th English Textbook which had some kind of impact on me that time. Soon I realised that Commerce is just not me. I found myself focused on life this time. At the same time the love of dancing started turning into a passion and later it became a part time profession. I started performing here and there. I started doing Choreographies. I used to be more in Rehearsal halls and Auditorium stage than attending a daily class lecture.

Being a self-taught, self-made Dancer; I never had any kind of formal training in dancing. I used to research online on the Internet about Dance, read articles, learn by watching YouTube videos and then do it in my own way. Then one fine day when I was researching late online, I got introduced to the word ‘blog’. So it’s my dancing love that introduced me to this beautiful word called ‘blog’. Simultaneously I was fascinated with another art called Photography, all because of dance. And I wanted to start Photography also. This was my another dream apart from the blog. A couple of years went by - living life, finding myself and of course dancing.

I decided to study B.Sc IT as a graduation degree. When I entered into the second year of B.Sc IT studies, I thought to give blogging and photography dream a shot. To be honest, I was actually bored with the IT studies load and pressure. And for this, I needed an escape plan. Dancing has always been there for me every time. So, somewhere during dancing, I decided to start blogging and photography. I decided to take that one step and ever since there’s no turning back.

I started this blog ( exactly a month before entering the 20th year of my life on 15th August 2014 (an Indian Independence Day, that day I decided to be free). Yes, I started blogging when I was almost 20 years; pretty late though, I know! But that was the right time for me, I feel so. I published my first ever blog/writing titled “Who Am I?” on 20th August 2014. It took me like almost two weeks to write before publishing my first ever blog.

This blog “Who Am I?” is basically an introductory kind of blog and hence the title ‘Who Am I’.  But in real, it is more than a just introduction. This blog is actually divided into two halves but while reading these two halves are felt as one because this is the beauty of the blog. The first half is about finding your true self and following your heart. And the second half is a bit of introduction about me i.e. the Writer behind the blog. The best part about this first blog is that just after publishing it online here on blogger, I got like more than 100+ views just in a day.  To be honest, I didn’t actually think that I will be getting 100+ views for my first blog post on the first day. This was crazy and so is my blog and so is me.

This is how my Writing Adventures i.e. the Journey of my Writing started with a mission to inspire people, to make them smile or happy, to touch their heart, to bring some change in this world, voicing people to follow their dreams and find the inner voice, etc. So, this is how I discovered the Writer in me!

“The one step that turned into a dream come true,
An escape plan that turned into a great fantasy,
This is how I discovered the Writer in me,
And yes, it wasn’t that easy!”

P.S. - Watch the video celebrating 2 years of my Writing journey:

Thank You!

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RON) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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Sunday, 7 August 2016


“Street Photography is not about taking photos on the street,
it’s about capturing the soul of the street.”
-Ronak Sawant

I am Ronak Sawant and I love doing Street Photography the most above all the Photography styles. I believe that Street Photography is not just an Art but it’s a way of life. After spending almost 1 and half years capturing photographs on street (well that’s my journey as a Photographer basically), I think it’s my responsibility as a Street Photographer that this Street Photography Art goes out to people in a right way. I mean the people should know what exactly Street Photography is all about and the way it is represented. It’s like if one person can’t take that one necessary step to bring that change; to educate or to showcase the real art then the scene will remain the same as it is. So this is why I am writing this blog sharing my experiences, my moments and my perspective on Street Photography in India, as I truly believe that one person can make a difference.

In India, people are not very much aware as in they don’t know that Street Photography is an Art and it’s a type of Photography style that exists. Even today if you carry any DSLR camera, go outside and capture photographs on Street, 99% of people will consider you a ‘Patrakar’ (a Reporter, Cameraman, etc). The incident which has happened to me many times and it still happens!

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Mumbai, India.

Only a few people here in India hardly know that Street Photography is something that is related to Photography and it is a type of Art, just very few. Here in India people only know 3 types of Photography very well and that’s Fashion, Wedding and Wildlife Photography but when asked about Street Photography, it’s a big doubt! According to mentality here, Street Photography is just about capturing the beggars on street. You know it feels really sad when the Photographers themselves spread or pass out an incorrect knowledge or information about their own Art. So how can you expect the same from Non-Photography people? It’s not possible right!


According to me, Street Photography is about capturing the moments and collecting the soul of the street. This type of Photography is very different from all the other styles. Here you don’t have any Model from Magazine Cover to pose for you. You don’t have any Lighting set-up, the only light you have is the nature. You don’t have a Studio set-up, no make-up, nothing. It’s just you, your camera, your vision and whatever is present at the street. Be it a Chai Tapri (a tea stall), Vegetable Market, a Man walking, a Girl smiling, etc. Everything is just real here, not like a studio. Here the entire street is your Photography Studio and you become the part of the street capturing it all.

My Experiences:

While doing Street Photography there are people who count me in as a Tourist who is probably seeing the city for the first time (according to them). This is a good sign basically. If you make them feel this then you are doing a good job. And then there are those who consider me as a Cameraman, the mentality I tell you!

There’s also one incident that I had with the Police Officers in Mumbai. I was exploring the streets of my hometown Bandra Pali-Hill back in April 2014 when I was having some hands on my friend’s Nikon SLR Camera. This is when a Police saw me with a Camera and called me. For a moment I got scared as I thought “Why he’s calling, Will he take off my camera or what?” You know, my Mum and Dad always told me to be safe while doing whatever I am doing with a camera outside. They also told me to stay away from Police and don’t hand a camera to them if a situation comes. Remembering these kind words of my parents, I walked confidently toward the Police. He asked directly “What are you doing with a Camera in this alley (street)? I just said I am capturing Photographs. (It was a silent street by the way). He then called another Police Officer who was standing some distance away from us and told him all the matter. The second Police Officer asked me to show my camera right away. This time I got very much aware and I showed him all the photographs that I had captured, holding a camera in my hand. And just for the sake, I even told him that "if you feel that I am doing something wrong then I will delete all the pictures if you want". Just when I whispered any other word, he was amazed at my Photography. He just said “Khoop chaan photos aahet pan aata Vidhaansabha Elections chi tayaari sarvikade shuru aahe mhanun hai aasa chalat nahi.” This is when I realised that its election preparations going on (though the elections were 3 weeks away) and the Police Officers are just doing their duty that’s all. Then they both said with care to switch off my camera and walk away from the alley as quickly as possible and do Photography somewhere else, not here. I said Thank You in return and left. This was certainly a good experience! A big up to Mumbai Police by the way! This is when I learned that “Agar Acha Karoge, Toh Acha Paoge” in English “If you will do good, then the good will surely come back to you.”

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Bandra, India.

My Moments:

I remember each and every photograph that I capture and it’s behind the picture story too. Here is the image/picture that I captured near Khar Telephone Exchange a few months back while I was doing a Photo Walk there.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Mumbai, India.

These 2 mans in this image were in their own world and so was I with my camera. As you can see, the Person 2 was giving a leg massage at a bus stop to Person 1. I saw this and captured it right away. You can see the expressions of Person 1 in this picture doing a gesture “Who is he? Why he is taking a photo?” to all the other people waiting for a bus. When this kind of moment arises while shooting, I just hate it because I had to explain to them what I am doing and what Street Photography is! I have done this many times, by the way, wasted my Photo Walk time and did an explanation.

Here is another image I captured back in 2015 while I was exploring the Streets of Dadar. I saw this beautiful old woman sitting by a roadside and I don’t know why but I wanted to capture her. So just when I focussed my lens towards her, she just did this ‘Namaste’ pose! This was one amazing moment!

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Mumbai, India.

Here are some of my favourite Street Photographs that I captured exploring the Streets of India:

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Delhi, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Goa, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Amritsar, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Vaibhavwadi, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Mumbai, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Nagpur, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Ooty, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Mumbai, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant :: Mumbai, India.

“If you haven’t captured any photograph on street,
then you surely don’t know what real photography is all about.”
-Ronak Sawant

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RON) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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