Monday, 5 October 2015

A Beautiful World - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

This world is beautiful,
Everything has its own beauty and soul.
Everything is possible at this place,
Because everything happens at the God’s grace.
From the sunset in the morning to the night’s moon shining,
There’s always something magical happening.

This world is ours,
Let us not make it pieces of broken jars.
Live and let live should be the motto of life,
What we truly want for that we must actually thrive.
Every day is a new start here,
There’s a victory beyond fear.

This world is great,
All the things we want we should have faith.
Our time in this world is limited,
So, until the time we exist let’s make it fun, worth and excited.
Inspiration is everywhere,
And, Love is in the air.

Can you find such amazing place elsewhere?
Truly, it's a beautiful world, I swear!

- Ronak Sawant

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RON) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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