Thursday, 25 June 2015


Photograph... The word is becoming so natural to me in my day-to-day life. No, not because I own a Canon DSLR or upload my photos consistently on my Social Networks but because I live with that word now and I believe that the word Photograph itself lives with me.

There’s some magic in Photographs, isn’t it?
Every time you see a Photograph,
It can make you smile,
It can make you laugh,
It can make you cry and bring tears in your eyes,
It can bring back that priceless memory right in front of our eyes and make it alive.
Also, it can make you feel that there’s something more to life. You exist in this world with not just a body but with a soul too. And that soul is nothing but a memory captured in the form of a Photograph. In general, a Photograph is a soul that is captured and preserved for eternity.  It can be a soul of a person, for a person or by a person. Well yes, you get it right, I’m a Photographer and I am living the Photography life along with the Dancing life. The life of an Artist, I would say!

According to me, what Photography actually means to me is “Capturing a Moment and Collecting a Soul”. And what Photograph means is “A captured Moment and Collected Soul”. As time passes by or day after day, I’m getting closer and deeper to the word Photograph and vice versa I feel. The meaning of it keeps up getting more real and alive.

Photographs have so much power in it. They are so much capable of conveying any emotion, expression, feeling, etc. This is the alchemy of a photograph I guess!

Nowadays, people believe more in Photographs than in words. They believe more in a frame than just sentences or paragraphs. With that said or written I’m not saying that Words doesn’t have power at all. But what I actually mean with that and what I truly believe is: “Words that said right doesn’t go waste. And, Photographs that captured right, speak infinite”.

In today’s world, people prefer to have a photograph rather than an autograph. Yes, it’s a digitized world! But why? Because I think, the autograph is temporary and the photograph is permanent. Autographs are handwritten and Photographs captures the soul. But, I feel sad about the fact that nowadays photographs are taken just to set a new profile picture. I’ve seen and also heard many people taking the pictures just to update their profile picture. I just want to say them that you don’t understand the real meaning of a photograph. Photographs are taken as a memory to carry along with us lifelong, rather than just hitting a pose and then setting it as a new profile picture or posting here and there.

I would like to share one incident with you all that happened to me in life, related the word photograph. This incident will define exactly why I said earlier that “I live with the word photograph now and I believe that the word photograph itself lives with me”.

So here’s what something happened. As usual in college, attending a lecture, I still remember Embedded System lecture it was and we had to submit our case study project assignment on car engine during the lecture. So, done with the submission and done with the lecture. And as soon as I and my friend exited the class and stepped outside, I saw a notice in the corridor just beside our class door with something written along “PHOTOGRAPY is Strictly not allowed in Classroom and it is Prohibited”. Well let me make it clear, this was the exact same way the word Photography written/printed in that notice with the alphabet H missing in it. So, within a fraction of second after reading that notice I took out a black pen outside my bag and started to correct that notice. And just when I was about to correct, my friend told me “Bro, let it be. It is just a notice. It might be a printing mistake. Let’s go! I said in return, “No dude, I can see any other word written incorrect in that notice but I can’t see the word Photography written or printed incorrectly”. And then I corrected that notice making an upper arrow just below and between the alphabets P & Y, and writing alphabet H just above them.

Days later whenever I used to see that notice, I used to smile watching the word PHOTOGRAPHY. So this was basically the whole incident and that’s the reason why I wrote earlier in a blog that I and Photograph are living it together.

I truly believe that the most beautiful, creative and very great photographer in this world is God and he/she is my all-time favorite. The way he/she has created this beautiful universe and all the living & non-living creatures are more like a Photographs first and then they come to life and exist in this world in their form with a specific amount of lifespan gifted to them.

You know, what’s miracle about this life! We’re all Photographs first before our birth, created by the creator God. And then, we come to life. From then on, it’s all on us about how to photograph our life; whether to make it happy, fun, adventurous, entertaining, successful, inspiring, etc. And later, we all die being a photograph to the world. Because after everything is over in life or after our death there’s only one thing that stays alive. And, that one thing is nothing but a Photograph. Yes, a Photograph!

Because... "We’re all photographs in the end!"

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RoN) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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