Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Something I always wanted to do because of the love of DANCE... Start a PHOTOGRAPHY!

I have always been interested in photos. Photographs have always kind of fascinated me, ever since I was younger. Whether it would be the photographs in magazines, newspapers, photos in school textbooks, photos in albums & diary or the real world itself. Yes, you read that right - I consider the whole world as a frame of some kind; not too big and not too small but a frame which has everything captured inside it. Every emotion, every light, every color, every object, every story, every-every, almost everything just in one frame. And not only just the world, I mean I consider every little thing as a frame or in general a photograph.

I still remember when I was a small kid; I used to pore through the cupboard drawers where my parents used to keep all the family photos and photo albums of our birthdays, childhood events and other such kinds of stuff. Watching those photos would make my whole day. You wouldn't believe I used to sit for an hour & so and see those pictures. The smile on my face while looking at those pictures was truly priceless. I really loved those photos and at times while watching those photos I always wondered how they were done. I used to always be in a thought, how these photos can come outside of a camera as a beautiful frame or as an album when we just click the photo in the camera itself. I mean the photos should stay there in camera only right. This was my whole thought process.

Well, you would say now, how stupid I was but how come a small kid would know all this. The only way we learn something new in life is by encountering the things we have never encountered before. So knowing about this camera & photo process is what excited me much that time. Then one day my father explained me everything about the process in detail. He explained how the photos were converted from the negatives to the positives and so much more. At that time there wasn't any advanced camera like we have in today’s world. The camera existing those days was the one which used to work on rolls in which we can take max to max up to 36 pictures only.

So, those were the old days and now these are the days where we live in a completely digital world where we have every little thing digitized. The camera fully digital which works on a lens, memory card, etc rather than rolls in which we can take as many pictures we want. We also have an option to choose which photo we want and which to delete. And much more cool stuff that we can do with this digitized camera these days.

Cutting to the present...
I am 20 and I am a dancer/artist. Dancing is my passion and it’s my love. In fact, dance is my everything, it’s my life, it’s something that I can’t imagine my life without it. The most amazing thing I love about dance is the fact that even though we dance in the moment, we create memories in the form of photographs that last forever. So because of this passion and my love towards dancing, I had a strong affection towards the memories I had created so far that I carry with me in the form of photographs. These memories or I can say these photographs means a world to me. I was so intrigued by these priceless dance memories/photographs of mine because I felt that I could hold an instant of a time, an emotion, a once in a lifetime moment and a memory right in my hands. It’s something that can come alive, whenever I feel of watching them.

It’s all during the dancing journey I noticed some other passion and love of mine that made me feel different than everyone else and that was Writing & Photography. So, it’s all because of this dancing passion and love I got instantly hooked on the art of photography. In fact, photography is my new love now. It’s something that I love to do apart from dancing and writing.

As they say, parents are the hardest people to please in the world. Yes, indeed they are! Because it was so hard for me to approach my mum and dad for a DSLR camera. I literally spoke my heart to them about why I wanted to do this and what it means to me to start this another artistic journey. So after understanding me and my dreams, they gifted me a camera just before my 20th birthday as a pre-birthday gift. It was a long wait for this, almost more than a year I guess. But finally, I am happy that I have started this another artistic journey apart of dancing which I wanted to do ever since I graduated my 12th grade.

Photography is indeed my new love! I believe that - Life is full of uncertainties and surprises. You never know what happens next but they all happen for a reason. So maybe photography had some kind of appeal to me and to be honest I really wanted to explore it as a craft. Like dancing, photography is something that makes me feel different and at the same time, it allows me to be the real person I am. So, because of all this, I consider photography as my new love!

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Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RON) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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