Wednesday, 31 December 2014

"Journey 2014"

Hello everyone today is the last day of 2014 and this will be my last blog of this year 2014. Now that the New Year 2015 is just a few hours away, let me write and share about my year 2014 with you all.

2014... Wow, what a year it has been! ♥
Exactly just a year before this day, I wrote about my year 2013 on Facebook and now I am writing it all as a 'Journey' in this beautiful blog of mine. By the way, I still can't believe how quickly the year 2014 is flying by. It felt just like yesterday that we were celebrating the beginning of 2014 and now, here we are again ready to welcome a new year which is about to begin in just a few hours from now. Time moves so swiftly and elegantly that it's so easy to lose a track of it. This year just came and is vanishing so fast just like a blink of an eye. And now, it's almost the end of this another amazing & lovely year, well I won't call it a year this time rather I will prefer to call it as a "Journey 2014" most probably because life is all about a journey and we have to live & enjoy this beautiful journey of life to the fullest without worrying about the prior destination. The only destination we can be sure of is of death. So, why to spend our life, our precious time in just worrying about this so-called destination. Rather we should focus on spending this precious time of our's on living this beautiful journey and enjoying it to the fullest. So that when we look back at our journey's end of time or just before arriving at our destination we should be able to say everyone with a big smile that - "Yes! Dang, I lived it. I lived my journey, my dream, my life and I am so happy".

If you are reading this, I want to take you all to my beautiful and lovely "Journey 2014". I must admit that this time also again, I had many new amazing memories created during this "Journey 2014" which I want to share with you all lovely people. So, here it starts...

Here are the highlights of my "Journey 2014" in no particular order:

  • I turned 20.
  • I was the best friend, son, brother, etc. whatever I could be.
  • I saw my mother and father a very lot and I am happy that I spent quality time with my family every chance I could get especially because they are the people whom I always care about and love the most.
  • I had much more happy days than bad days, many more good days than bad days during this "Journey 2014".
  • I grew and walked through so much pain & fear.
  • I must confess that not only I grew but my heart, my confidence, my appreciation and my life started to grow all in a very positive way.
  • I learned to trust God and myself a very lot.
  • I found my own center and I learned to love being alone & enjoy my own company.
  • I have everything I could possibly need or want.
  • I saw and felt my dreams/resolutions come true.
  • Dreams like living my lifelong passion - the dance life, starting to write my own blogs, getting my own DSLR camera Canon 600D as a pre-birthday gift from my parents which I wanted since a year and so. And now it's not just a camera for me but it's my love because of which I've started doing something I always wanted to do because of the love for dance - start a photography. Yes, Photography is my new love and it's something that I love to do apart from dancing & writing.
  • I got to do so many amazing things in this "journey 2014". I traveled to so many different places and explored with my love Canon 600D, friends & family and so much more.

In this "Journey 2014" I made some friends. Some have come & gone. Some of them have stayed and are always there for me. And now I know who my true & real friends are. I guess even you to know who you are and whom I am talking about.
And most importantly, I’ve learned so many valuable things about life from this "Journey 2014".

And I just want to say Thank you, Thank you.
Thank you endlessly for the beats & love that lies in my heart,
The people in my life,
The journey unfolding before me,
My relationship with God,
And the Journey ahead that I hold in my little hands right in front of my eyes.

There is so much more I need to be thankful for, one of them is getting through this another year; Oh, I mean another journey. There was so much that happened in this "Journey 2014". But I feel, that's about it for now. Right now, I really can’t think of anything else because I want to live these last few hours of last day of "Journey 2014" at the fullest to make it count.

Finally, I’d like to end of "Journey 2014" by saying thank you to the creator of this life - God and my Mom & Dad. And big thanks to my readers, fans, followers, supporters, my family, and friends. You all hold a special place in my heart and I will continue to do what I love in this new "Journey 2015".

The New Year 2015 is right around the corner. So let's do it again this coming year and capitalize everything! There is so much I want to accomplish and achieve in "Journey 2015" and I have created a personal bucket list of goals to attain & so much more. In the blogs coming in future, everyone will eventually find out and come to know what they are. But for now, it is something that is so personal to me until I post my journey of it all in the coming year 2015. So be sure to stay on the lookout and keep checking back all my blogs to see it all unfold.

All in, I am so excited for another year oops something that I love to call another "journey" filled with lots of dancing, photography, blogging/writing, pursuing my dreams and so much more.

Here's wishing all, 2015 to be a great year filled with love, happiness & peace. Have a great Happy New Year 2015. All the very best. May all your dreams & wishes come true and hopefully, 2015 will be a beautiful year for all of us.
See you all next year in 2015!
And "Journey 2015" will be much, much, much better!!!

Thanks for reading! God bless!

And, Here is to the New Beginnings...

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RON) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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