Tuesday, 28 October 2014

EXAMS - “Simply, NO USE!”

EXAMS - The word itself which defines boredom, cheating, fear, stress, headache, measuring competency, failure, brain damage and sometimes even death. What’s the use of it?

Exams are so boring, stressful and at times they are irritating as hell.
During exams, we just sit at one place and whole day study, study, and study.
We waste the precious time of our life while preparing and studying for these so-called Exams.
Only the god knows what we are giving these exams for?

Just a couple of weeks before I gave my Bsc IT 3rd semester exams. So, during the preparation and the study process, there was something deep related to it I was wondering. As usual, I was sitting on my study table having IT books open in front of me and was studying & trying to memorize all the answers. Besides the book I had a bottle filled with water which I used at times to flush away all my boredness and to feel fresh. And within some amount of time, I finished memorizing some of my answers. During the time I was bored. So, I sipped some water and I took my earphones on, connected them to a mobile and plugged it in my ears with some of my favorite songs playing it. To be honest, I went into my trance. All I was feeling was myself and thinking about my exams to get over with it.

There were so many questions that were flowing through my Crazy Mind that time which I want to share with you all. The questions which each and every student can relate to life. The questions like:-
For what I am giving these exams for?
Why do these exams even exist & what’s the use of it?
What’s the point of wasting our precious time in studying for these so-called exams?
How many exams I have to keep on giving my whole student life?
And many such related questions…!

In today’s generation, exams are there but only for the sake of scoring marks and they are mainly used as the means of measuring competency. To be more specific, Exams doesn’t really test our intelligence, it just tests our memory these days. I mean no one wants to see the quality of the student. You know what, it’s very easy and simple to mug up everything and then score marks in the exam paper. But what about the real life, the real world; exams don’t prepare us for that!

And the biggest problem that comes along with exams is the marks system. For instance, if I scored one mark or one percent more than my friend, so does that mean that I am better than my friend and he is not good at all? I mean why to judge anyone’s smartness on the basis of marks we get. To go more in depth… The marks which we score in exams doesn’t make us stand ahead in our life, what really matters is our knowledge and the self-education which counts the most.

To all the people who are living or have lived the student life, the questions I need to ask you all is:-
How many answers, syllabus, theorems, maths problems and the value of ‘ x’ did you all studied and memorized just for the sake of exams and never to use them in life again?
How much amount of precious time and countless hours of life did you all waste just preparing and studying for the exams?
How many times you all did remember something 5 minutes earlier just before the final bell rings or just after the teacher said stop writing?
How many First Class and A grades did you all score which was never asked for when you were applying for a particular job?

Above all, a big question that we need to ask our own self is:-
Why do we give Exams…?
Do we become more knowledgeable?
Do our memory increases?
Hell No!
Does our life become easy?
Not at all!
Can we bring a change in the world by giving exams?
A big No!

So Why, Why, Why?
What’s the point or reason of wasting the precious time of our life to give these so-called exams?

I believe that we all have some amount of special talent, some abilities, ambitions, and dreams. So why the classroom full of different individuals are tested by the same means through conducting these so-called exams? I admit that I am not against the EDUCATION; I am only against these so-called exams! I feel Education is something that has the supernatural power in itself that one can use to change the world. By conducting these so-called exams, I don’t think it will be helpful to bring a change. Also, I feel that our whole life is an education in itself; so why restrict it to a classroom and test us through the means of exams & then judge by the marks we get.

EXAMS and MARKS should STOP!!!

There’s a question which I want to ask the creator or inventor of these exams…
“Are exams the only way to check on our study skills or the motive for study? Can’t there be a better method or a better way related to achieving that?”

If I talk about myself, I don’t care about this Memory Game also known as Exams. For me, the biggest exam in life is the ‘EXAM OF LIFE’..! And, I hope that I will pass by a distinction someday!

No offense!
Peace RON! :)

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RON) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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