Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Group of mans attacked my Family... Stop Bhaigiri, Stop Dadagiri, Stop Gundagardi. We want JUSTICE...

I am fighting the biggest fight of my life. Yesterday it was my mom and dad's 24th wedding anniversary and last night some group of man’s staying nearby my house attacked my family and neighbour for a pointless reason. All this started at 11.20pm where they first abused a woman and her kid staying at one of our house. She is Muslim lady who lives alone with her kid at our place. She is like a sister to me. When my little cousin sister came yelling at our home that some mans are abusing that woman and her kid; I and my family ran quickly to stop them and explain them. Then suddenly one of its members gripped my neck from the back and few others started to attack my little brother. They even abused and pelted stones at our house. By god’s grace, no one was hurt because of the stones but my auntie got a crack on her leg because of this. I could have opened my arms towards them but for me, the safety of my family and the neighbours was first priority as most of them were women. All in they were total 5 men in which out of 3 were drunk. But what sad about all this is that when I went home to take a mobile to call Police, one of its members kicked and the kick almost got hurt at my mother’s stomach. My mom’s BP was all high that time and she was scared about what all is exactly happening. All the members ran away as soon as they saw my mom getting dizzy on the floor.

My father took mom to the hospital and I along with my neighbours went to Khar Police Station to file a complaint. You know, I could be the first person in India or this world who visited the Police Thana wearing boxers and a torn t-shirt. In fact, my father visited the hospital without footwear. Yes, this was that serious. The Khar Police officers caught 2 of those Gundaas and slapped and beat them with the rubber belt on their hand in front of me and took them inside. I got to know that all of them were the Karyakartas of ShivSena Khar branch. So they had the support of Khar Shakha Pramukh ShivSena person who actually came in support of them. I even got to know that they are not just 5, but this is a big gang of almost 30-40 mans who is into gang-bang, fighting, alcohol, and all such bad stuff and one of the gang members called the ShivSena Shakha Pramukh in their support and rest of the gang came via bike and were standing outside the police station. The Khar ShivSena Shakha Pramukh had his talk with the police officers and did his best to close and settle the matter. He was all in support of those Gundaas. When I had a talk with the police officers, what about remaining other 3 people, wouldn't you punish them and is this the only punishment. The police officers started shouting me that "Doghanna pakadlay bas nahi zhala ka? Aani shiksha manjhe kaay maarun taaku ka hyaana?" I somehow knew that they are now trying to settle and close the matter.

By seeing this I wanted to ensure that my mom is safe and I started to pray; talking to myself that everything will be alright. I went directly to the hospital to see my mom whether she's alright and told my little brother and neighbour to stay here only at the police station. By god’s grace after doing some tests my mom was feeling good. She is such a strong woman I tell you but inside her, I know that she was scared and had fear in her eyes. I felt her pain in me. After having some rest and sipping some glass of water I slowly-slowly took her to the police station back along with my father to file NC and also FIR. When we reached the Khar Police Station my little brother told me that they are settling the matter. And I was like how come Police Officers act like a puppet in front of someone who is just a Shakha Pramukh of ShivSena. My dad knew that ShivSena person very well, he just said to him that "Laaz vaattey mala ShivSainik bolnyachi. ShivSena mahilaan viruddh hech kaam karte ka? Balasaheb khoop khush astil ka, tumcha he asa kaam baghun" and went directly inside the police office along with my mother. My father is one of the biggest supporters of Balasaheb Thackeray, President & Founder of ShivSena Political Party. He is like a true ShivSainik but looking at someone using his powers for all the wrong reasons was really bad that time and this is all normal in India, isn't it?

The police did file the NC against 3 of the Gundaas and told us to leave hence closing the matter. But what I can see is that there can be no difference in their behaviour, those Gundaas are not even Sorry for what they did, this can happen again and they can harm other innocent like us and they already have done all this same with others in previous. Unhe koi farak nahi padhta as they have the support and power of someone like Khar ShivSena Shakha Pramukh.

But as the human of this world, as a citizen of this country, as the artist of life and as the son of this motherland, I want JUSTICE for my mother who has been hurt, I want JUSTICE for that my Muslim sister who was abused so badly by them, I want JUSTICE for her kid who was slapped and abused by them, I want JUSTICE for my neighbourhood and I want JUSTICE for myself.

Please, friends, I need your HELP. I want to take this issue further. I don't know where the strength inside me came to write and share this blog here on social media. I actually wanted to do the Facebook live about what all is happening but that was some different situation last night. You know, I haven't slept since last night to make sure that my mom is safe and the neighbours are all good. In my society, everyone fears these gang and they want to be free from them. But no one's ready to stand against them and support each other. So I want to be that VOICE and help my neighbourhood to become free from all this Gundaas. I hope that someone is listening and feeling all this. The purpose of me writing this blog is not that I want to become Internet star or something, but all I want is JUSTICE, PEACE, and FREEDOM for my society from these Gundaas.

How can one abuse a woman in India?
How can one act violently against a woman?
How can you make wrong use of your powers?
Who gave you the right to hurt anyone?

I want the Answers.
I want the Justice!

I need your Help and support friends. Please share this blog as far as you can.


Thank you!
Vande Mataram, Vande Mataram!

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RoN) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Whether you are an Artist, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer or a Human in general, the thing called struggle is always there in everyone’s life. Sometimes we struggle for the food that we eat two times a day where we end up doing some adjustment or passing a day eating nothing at all thus keeping the stomach empty. While sometimes we struggle with not having a home to live, a bed to have that peaceful sleep, proper clothes to wear or even footwear’s to cover the foot. While sometimes we struggle in a relationship, struggle for a job, struggle for not having enough time to spend with family, friends and the one whom we love from the bottom of our heart. While sometimes we struggle for happiness, love, and peace in life. And above all, one of the biggest struggles in life is for money; where some people end up doing something wrong just to get this.

Whatever the struggle you are going through in life right now will help you develop the strength that you will need for tomorrow. The struggle comes in everyone’s life but it doesn’t stay forever. A struggle is just a period of time that comes in our life to surprise us, to make us feel weaker and to test us inside and out.

You need to accept the struggles occurring in your life. You need to embrace them, understand and fight them. Don’t give up. Just don’t. Each one of you who is reading this must know that your journey, your dreams, your purpose and your life are beautiful and they are way too big to give up for these struggles. So, if there is nothing going good in your life; take a break or even cry during these struggles but please don’t give up. Please don’t!

Close your eyes and see your dreams. Open your heart and believe in yourself. Even if you are feeling weak, smile and make yourself stronger each day with your love, passion, belief and will. Struggle in life is temporary, your day will come! Struggles are really hard to face and very difficult to conquer but during this time we have to be stronger than ever to battle it out. Also, we should never lose our hope, have patience, trust in ourselves and god and keep working hard.

You know, I have had some of my dreams come true fighting my struggles and it feels so amazing I tell you. This is the feeling that you can never find in anything else. I believe in your dreams and in you. So let me know when you conquered your struggles and made your dream come true. This will surely motivate and inspire me more to keep dreaming.

Struggle in life is to make our life an adventure journey, so just believe in you and go conquer the struggles in life.

Just remember that,
You are more beautiful than you can imagine,
You are more powerful than you think you are,
You are more special than you will ever know,
You are so much more than you will ever realize.
Live your struggles, Live your life!

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant (aka RoN) is a passionate Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Web Designer, Artist, Human from Mumbai, India. He is the life explorer and a free bird that uses his art and life’s journey to inspire people and improve the world!

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