Saturday, 18 February 2017


Never in my life had I thought that a kid as crazy like me would ever have a voice or would be able to express or to move body in a way that is so different from other human beings. It is dance that did this magic to me. This might sound weird, I know! But dance is truly a magic and to be a dancer is like creating all the magic. Dance changed my life. Dance made me the person I am today.

Ever since dance came into my life, it’s like I’ve found the happiness of my life. It’s something that makes me feel alive, makes me feel connected to my soul, makes my life complete. If dancing doesn’t existed then I don’t think I would have existed.

To be a dancer is beautiful,
To be a dancer is a dream come true,
To be a dancer is magical,
To be a dancer is to be me!

Dance Changed Me, Dance Made Me!
And yes, Dance Saved Me!

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